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Senshu - Counselor

Often, what looks like a problem is actually an invitation to take a closer look, listen deeply, learn something new, heal wounds, or perhaps lessen your resistance to what's arising.

With tools to strengthen your awareness, I will help you work "with" obstacles rather than against. With a practical and holistic therapeutic style, I will do my best to meet you precisely where you are, without judgement. Being human is complex, so we can address your health from a physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental place. Our relationship - one of safety, transparency, and compassion- is key in the work we do together.

Kellie Climie - Counselor


Trauma, chronic pain, and chronic stress can impact our mind-body connection.

We may doubt ourselves, or doubt others, impacting our internal and external relationships. This is a difficult and tender place to be. I admire your willingness to address your needs, and to walk the path of reconnecting with yourself and with others.

Each person's journey is unique, and I welcome questions and collaboration.

Ondo - Counselor


Reaching out is the first step. Having company that is safe, healthy, and insightful can make all the difference.

We are all dealt cards in life...loss, depression, anxiety, abuse, anger, ADHD/ADD, trauma, chronic pain, insomnia, emotional sensitivity, mood swings, migraines...many we don't want, and we certainly didn't ask for. While we are not to blame for the cards that are drawn, we are responsible for what we do with them.

Connect with me as your counselor and we will listen deeply, heal wounds, learn new skills and find new insight to work with whatever is showing up in your life.

a Counselor

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